Personal Training

A Body and Soul Personal Trainer offers our clients a first class service. All our trainers are either cert 4,tertiary qualified, or are in their final year of completing their Human Movement degree. Our trainers provide our clients with in depth and up to date information and well designed programs. Unlike your regular gym membership, personal training offers one on one motivation and instruction. Importantly, proper instruction in regards to technique (lifting weights) leads to decreased risk of injury, and in turn a more effective work-out and quicker results. Clients can also enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of our training studio's or train in the comfort of your own home (no more noisy gyms, or waiting for machines.) Importantly, we recognize that every one of our clients is unique, and all have specific goals and needs in terms of their training. We in turn tailor each client's program to meet those goals and needs.

What can Personal Training do for you?

Unlike a regular gym membership, BAS Personal Training offers one-on-one guidance, motivation and instruction with a highly qualified trainer. The benefits of Personal Training include:
  • Decreased risk of injury through proper technique instruction
  • Quicker, more effective results
  • The opportunity to train in a relaxed environment .

BAS Personal Training

Every BAS client is different. We provide tailored advice, exercise programs and motivation techniques to help you achieve your specific, unique goals.

Personal Training Options

  • One-on-one, two-on-one or group training
  • 30 minute,45 or 60 minute sessions
  • Train in our studio or in your home
  • Non members welcome
BAS also offers various weight loss programs so you can select the one that suits your lifestyle.

All personal training and weight loss programs can be paid upfront or via direct debit service.

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